“Most men will not swim before they are able to.” Is that not witty? Naturally, they won't swim! They are born for the solid earth, not for the water. And naturally they wont think. They are made for life, not for thought. Yes, and he who thinks, what’s more, he who makes thought his business, he may go far in it, but he has bartered the solid earth for the water all the same, and one day he will drown.”
                                                     ― Hermann Hesse (Steppenwolf)

Wounded Wolf is a publishing house & press run by Atay İlgün and Alper Yıldırım which focuses on poetry, fiction, photography, folk and textural music along with additional prints and ephemera.

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Mountain photograph by Fırat Olcay.

For her, G.O.
To keep aloof the hellhounds.